Silver Hawks

“Who works harder than we do……..NOBODY!”

Meet The Head Coach

Welcome to the Silver Hawks team page, my name is Jim Shrewsbury and I am proud to be the head coach of the Silver Hawks. 

Silver Hawks Coaching Staff

Head Coach Jim Shrewsbury
Little Division –  Clint Morgan, Bill Dobbin and Marcus Bonner
Middle Division –  Christopher Rekitzke, Bill Delaney and Nick Rekitzke
Big Division – Christopher Rekitzke and James Hall

Coach Shrewsbury

Silver Hawks
Est. 2007

9 Regular Season Division Champions
5 Super Bowl Runners Up
7 Super Bowl Champions
This will be my 16th season coaching youth football (9th as head coach of the Silver Hawks), and while we have enjoyed success on the field, the thing I am most proud of with our team is how much of a family it has become over the years. I think we have the best parents and families in the league.

Our team philosophy is simple..... Sportsmanship, Hard work, Discipline, Teamwork and Improvement throughout the season.

  • Our team shows respect for our opponents as well as for each other.  We don't trash talk, take cheap shots or otherwise try to embarrass anyone on or off the football field.
  • Physically we work as hard (and in most cases harder) as anyone in the league.   Anyone who comes to practice can see how hard our teams work and as result we don't fade in the 4th quarter.
  • While every coach has a different coaching style (and that's a good thing), they all run practice with the same basic principal that football requires discipline. Discipline helps our players focus on football during practice rather than other distractions.
  •  Football is the greatest team sport in world because it requires all 11 players doing their jobs to be successful.  We want our players to understand that regardless of the position they play, it is extremely important to the success of the team. Our players encourage one another when they do well, and help each other when they make a mistake.
  • While wins and losses often are used to determine if a season is successful or not, I prefer to look at how much improvement we had throughout the course of the season both individually as well as a team.   This is an instructional league first, and while we want to win every game we play, we ultimately want to prepare our players for the next level.

We want our players to enjoy their experience with the Hawks, learn the basics of football and most importantly have fun. I hope that each and every player comes back year after year and continues to play the sport of football.

Jim Shrewsbury

Go Hawks!


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