"Hit Hard!.... Hit Low!... Hit Fast!...Red Raiders!"

Meet The Head Coach

I'm David Bush, the head coach of the Red Raiders. Welcome to the Red Raiders team page.

Red Raider Coaching Staff

David Bush- Head Coach 
Big Team: Rick Dravet
Middle Team: Paul Gilligan, Chris Bush
Little Team: Doug Conley 

Coach Dave

Red Raiders
Est. 1994

20 Regular Season Division Champions
18 Super Bowl Runners Up
9 Super Bowl Championships

In 1993 I was asked to help with the Little White Rebels. In 1994 the team name was changed to the Red Raiders. In 1995 I took over as head coach.

 Our philosophies are dedication, stamina, and courage through repetition . I believe courage is the best trait to build for any young football player. Especially new players. Occasionally a kid steps on the field with it. Sometimes it takes a couple weeks, a season and then sometimes it takes 4 and 5 years. The ones who take longer though, obviously have been taught proper dedication, and are the biggest thrill for a coach. It's the when "the light finally goes from flickering, to on" moment.

 Weekly scheme and preparation are a coaches biggest responsibilities. If you have that, then you will also be insuring safety. It is probably the funnest part of being a coach next to being a coach for a team for an extended time and watching the player grow over the years, physically and mentally.


Some often spoken quotes:

  • Heads up and see who you are hitting!

  • There's no such thing as dumb questions, only dumb mistakes!

  • Who's the hardest hitters out here!!??

  • Who loves ya kid?

  • Who's kid is that? (to the parents when I know full well whos' it is).

  • Its lineman time! (when taking a lead into the 4th quarter).

  • The lowest man wins!

  • And, of course our personal battle cry since 1995


Big Red Raider Starting QBs

I list the Quarterbacks because:

  • The closeness between the Head Coach and the QB (especially when the Head Coach is the offensive coordinator)
  • It helps me to remember the years.
  • 2015 Evan Gilligan
  • 2014 David Dravet 
  • 2013 Casey Cox 
  • 2012 Casey Cox, Kyle Paul 
  • 2011 Aiden Fleming
  • 2010 Jacob Deakin
  • 2009 Steven Smead
  • 2008 Daniel Aultman
  • 2007 Tyler Wells 
  • 2006 Tyler Wells
  • 2005 Adam Knight
  • 2004 Trey Aultman
  • 2003 Tim Dravet
  • 2002 Tim Dravet, George Dravet
  • 2001 George Dravet
  • 2000 Val Ploetz, Joshua Oresko
  • 1999 Greg Meyer
  • 1998 Chris Bush 
  • 1997 Chris Bush
  • 1996 Justin Miller, 
  • 1995 Ty Trusgnich 
  • 1994 Chris Bush (Little team)
  • 1993 Adam Miller(Little team)
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