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Let me start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Tracy Carpenter and I am the Cheerleading Representative for NWI Youth Football and Cheerleading. I am also the head coach for our Varsity Squad. This will be my 12th year coaching Cheerleading and I love every minute of it! We have three age divisions and I am ably assisted by my two other head coaches, Stacy Maddox and Theresa Mudd.

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TracyTracy Carpenter
Varsity Head Coach

Stacy Maddox
Junior Varsity

TheresaTheresa Mudd
Mini Cheer

NWI Cheer Philosophy & Goals


We have three age divisions. Our goal is to teach the girls the fundamentals of cheerleading while having fun. Or as I like to say we put the “FUN” in FUNDAMENTALS! Starting with the Mini’s they start with learning the basics of cheerleading, arm motions, jumps, some cheers and chants, and even a little bit of basic stunting and of course SPIRIT. Moving up to Junior Varsity we work on strengthening the arm motions and harder chants and cheers and SPIRIT, teaching them to cheer on the football players and get the crowd into it!

We work on strengthening their legs and getting the jumps higher and the stunting progresses a little harder. And now moving up to Varsity. We work on preparing the girls for moving up and on for middle school and high school cheer. We focus more on the little details like making sure arm motions are very crisp and every motion is tight. More strengthening and harder jumps, and even harder more precise stunts. While making sure everything is done properly but most importantly SAFELY.

Cheerleading is a TEAM sport and we like to teach the cheerleaders that starting at the Mini age division and follow it all the way up to Varsity. Teaching the girls to work together and that every cheerleader on our team is needed just as much as the next is VERY important to us. We coach our girls to work together and be a team and show team spirit!

Our job as Cheerleaders is to cheer on those football players and get the crowd pumped up and excited for the game! Showing SPIRIT for our team! Our philosophy at NWI Cheer is S.P.I.R.I.T. (Self-esteem, Positive Attitude, Integrity, Responsibility, Intelligence and Team Work). We believe that focusing on S.P.I.R.I.T. we are not only able to produce great cheerleaders but help them in other ways as well. All of our coaches are dedicated to our cheerleaders and coaching them in every aspect to grow and progress to the best they can be! We hope to see each every cheerleader come back every year eager to learn more and cheer hard!

Thank you for taking the time to visit our CHEER page and hope to see you soon!

Tracy Carpenter

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